Peace on Earth … to who?

I received a Christmas e-card this morning. It was really pretty – nice picture, beautiful music … and a bible verse. Luke 2:14.  The verse on the card read “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will toward men.” In the NIV this verse reads “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”  Various other translastions have the following words:

with whom He is pleased

with whom He is well pleased

with whom God is pleased

good will toward men (KJV)

among those with whom he is pleased

to everyone who pleases God

among the people who please God

among those whom he favours

among men in whom he is well pleased

Notice, the KJV is the only one that lists this good will or peace to all men? Back in my NABC days, I learned that the KJV isn’t the greatest translation of scripture. Other translations are much better as they use older and more reliable Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. Here is a webpage with a bit of an explanation about that:

Now I find it interesting that most translations state that this peace and goodwill is towards (or among) those whom God is pleased with (i.e. His people). But only the KJV states that this is towards men (implying all people). I also find it interesting that when many Christians everywhere are paraphrasing this verse they go so far as to say “peace, good will to all men.” I don’t think scripture ever shows God promising peace to all men. But He does promise peace to His chosen people. It is interesting that we so often impose our own biases and presuppositions onto scripture and onto God. In doing this, are we making a god in our own image? A god we think we might like better instead of God as He has revealed Himself in scripture? Something to think about this Christmas season. 


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Diapers & My Baby

Thought I’d talk about something related to my everyday life today: diapers and my baby.  I have Annalise in a wonderful cloth diaper called AMP Diapers. Anyone who’s expecting and interested in cloth diapers, I’d suggest checking these out: . They are absolutely fabulous diapers. They never leak (unless I didn’t pay attention when changing the diaper and didn’t make sure the insert was actually all the way covered by the outer shell of the diaper). 🙂 They are cute and comfortable (at least I assume they are comfortable since Annalise doesn’t complain about them). 🙂 We tried a different cloth diaper briefly one day and Annalise screamed with discomfort. AMPs are easy to use and easy to clean. We have the one-size duo for Annalise. With this diaper, it is the only one she will need for her entire life of diapers because I can change the size to fit her as she grows with handy little snaps that are attached to the front of the diaper. It comes with a lovely insert (I have hemp but you can get bamboo as well) that creates the duo aspect of the diaper. For daytime use, you just lay the insert on top of the diaper. Then, when the diaper is dirty, you just have to change the insert – not the whole diaper! For night time use, you can actually put the insert into the pocket that is part of the diaper shell. This is best to start once your child is actually sleeping through the night. 🙂 The price is pretty good too – compared to some other cloth diapers I’ve looked at. Yes, it looks like a lot of money to spend initially but, really, you’re saving lots of money in the long run since disposables end up being way more expensive. Especially when you have to keep on buying new sizes!

Well, diapers have been on my mind today so diapers are what I’ve blogged about. 🙂

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I Need A Life

July 26 – I have my kitchen back to normal again! 🙂 Thanks to my husband for finishing the painting. 🙂

July 27 – A tile in our shower. Can anyone else see the deer head and mouse head? Darran thinks I’m nuts and just seeing things.

July 28 – boring day, no pictures taken

July 29 – Got my hair done today. Highlight of the week. An is a fantastic hairstylist! 🙂

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Great Weekend

This weekend was nice and relaxing … mostly. 🙂  Friday I finished pre-washing all the cloth diapers and inserts so everything is ready for the baby now.  Saturday Darran took me out for brunch and then he painted the kitchen cabinets. That is also done now and I can move all my tins and pretty dishes back upstairs now … my craft room will now just be my craft room (maybe). Sunday (today) was so restful … really a day of rest. We had church in the morning, puttered around the house and then went for a walk at St. Vital Park (a new favourite for us) in the late afternoon before heading out to our evening service. So, this is what my pictures for the weekend reflect. 🙂

July 23 – My Cloth Diapers … I really like the colours. 🙂


July 24 – Darran working on painting the cabinets in our kitchen.


July 25 – During our walk in St. Vital Park – we didn’t have a watch so Darran wanted me to take a picture in order to find out the time. So I took a picture of the reflection in his sun glasses. 🙂

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What to Do at My House …

July 21 – Taking random fun pictures of things in my house … who can guess what this is?

July 22 – Taking a break from dishes and laundry … and Braxton Hicks contractions (that seem to happen only when I stand and walk lately) … to watch a little bit of classic Star Trek! 🙂


Wow! I can’t believe that I’m actually uploading photos relatively on-time! 🙂

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Photo of the Day

Still preparing for baby – yesterday I reorganized some cupboards the kitchen and set up a shelf in one cupboard for baby feeding things. Not a ton of room, but that will come as I get more creative in how to reorganize the rest of the kitchen. 🙂 So that was most of my day yesterday and so that is what the picture of the day is about. 🙂

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Photo Update

July 9 – An afternoon walk at St. Vital Park with my wonderful husband Darran. 🙂


July 10 – A bright, cheerful daisy growing in my front garden.

July 11 – My “Lucky Bean” for my “little bean”. 🙂  I like how the bottom (the seed pod??) looks like a bumb! 🙂

July 12 – Beautiful flowers from wonderful friends! 🙂

July 13 – Wine bottle and glasses – not consumed due to pregnancy. 🙂

July 15 – A wonderful book for my little baby. Baby kicks up a storm when I read this one! 🙂

July 16 – I made pancakes for Darran for breakfast. One was heart shaped. I covered it with this pan to keep them warm and this is the shape that showed in the condensation on the pan. I thought it was pretty cool. 🙂

July 17 – The baby blanket I knit for our baby – finally completed! Just a few mistakes but I don’t think they’re noticeable … mostly I think this because I can’t find them back. 🙂

July 18 – First pair of baby booties completed – so easy and so much fun!

July 19 – Cute ceramic ornament for my plant pot – keeps the aloe vera company.

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